I Will Show You Step by Step How to Use Cricut Design Space

Impress friends, family, and co workers with your amazing creations. This easy to follow online training is what you need to make stunning custom gifts, your own specialty items, eye popping decor, cute customized clothing and much more

  • 3 Easy to follow Design Space video training's for Cricut Explore 1 & 2, Maker and Joy
  • Avoid hours of frustration watching YouTube tutorials and reading blogs
  • Videos are instantly emailed & can be viewed at any time
  • LIVE crafting in our Student Facebook Community
  • Use your machine like a pro, even if you just started
  • Your price: $47 vs $97 (for a limited time only)

Design Space is the software that powers Cricut machines.

Usually that is the hardest part of learning a machine.

But Cricut Design Space is by far the easiest to master.

After watching these video lessons you will see that it is very straight forward and easy to get started!

In This Video Series You Will Learn:

Part 1: Intro to Design Space


  • How to work with Text
  • How to create graphics
  • How to upload files JPG, PNG, SVG
  • Basic Layering
  • Supplies and Materials

Part 2: Print & Cut Design Space

Iron On Photos/Graphics & Stickers

  • What is Print and Cut
  • How to design graphics for printing
  • Supplies & Materials

Part 3: Layering in Design Space

Working with Screenshots & Google Images

  • What is layering & when to do it
  • How to create from screenshots and google images
  • How to work with multiple colors

That's over 3 hours of Design Space step by step instruction!



You will get complete access to our private Facebook group to learn from others, meet new friends, and get the encouragement you need to fully enjoy Cricut.

You Don't Need a Cricut Machine(yet), to Take This Training!

  • Simply download the free software, Design Space at Design.Cricut.com
  • Create an account
  • follow along with the training!




My name is Chaketa and I am a mom, wife, and most importantly to you, a Cricut instructor.

In 2016 I started crafting to create an additional income for my family. Once I got a Cricut machine it changed the game!

I've had much success selling many of my Cricut crafts on Etsy, at pop up events, biz to biz and friends & family.

Now I'm paying it forward. I have taught over 300 women online and in Michael's stores how to use their Cricut since 2019.

My goal is to empower and encourage you through the learning process.

I understand how it feels to have this powerful machine with no clue where to start. You've invested your money, and you want to use it NOW, and not spend months searching the internet figuring it out.

My Design Space training is designed specifically for the Cricut newbie because I've been there, and I want to help you take it to the next level!

Even complete beginners can quickly turn out professional looking crafts and creation.

Let's Recap Everything You'll Get!

  • 3 Step by Step video tutorials that show you how to Master Cricut Design Space

1. Intro to Design Space - Fundamentals

2. Print & Cut Design Space - Iron On Photos/Graphics & Stickers

3. Layering in Design Space - Working with Screenshots & Google Images

  • Private Student Facebook Group - LIVE CRAFTING